FLAT Wi-Fi “Mobile Hotspot” Rental Service
Stay connected in Japan, anytime and anywhere with a portable Wi-Fi router. Update your status on Facebook, send emails, or tweet during your trip to the “Land of the Rising Sun.” Whether you are in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka or somewhere remote, enjoy good connections.

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Detailed Product Description
Rent a portable Wi-Fi device during your stay in Japan, and keep up-to-date with family and friends on social media sites, or use it to send emails, watch YouTube videos, and much more.

The device will save your stress and time on your holiday or business trip. Valid for 4, 7 or 14 days, the device is convenient and easy to use. Gone are the days of hunting for Wi-Fi connection and going into countless cafés to buy expensive coffee in the hope they’ll have Wi-Fi.

Simply have the Wi-Fi router delivered to your hotel on check-in, and return it at the end of your trip. Each router comes with an AC adapter and user manual, along with a return envelope that you can ask the hotel receptionist to post for you.

The maximum internet speed is 110 Mbps downlink and 10 devices can be simultaneously connected for web browsing, e-mail, and chatting. Enjoy high speed connections anytime and anywhere. No insurance is required, and there won’t be any extra month-based fees to pay. Also, there is not deposit, service charge, or other fee.

Network: WiMAX2+/WiMAX/4G LTE
Downlink: 110Mbps/40Mbps/75Mbps
Continuous Communication Time: approximately 11 hours
Maximum Number of Simultaneous Connections: 10 devices
Charging Time: 3 hours (approximate)
Official Product of au by KDDI
Unlimited data (For WiMAX2+ and WiMAX)
*Inly Works is an official distributor of UQ Communications Inc.

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*In order to ensure fairness between customers, there are cases where the total amount of communication, including the last 1 months of the current day to more than 7GByte limits the speed. (4G LTE only)