Sennyu-Ji and Sokujyoin (Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto)


I went to the temples of Sennyu-Ji and Sokujyoin in Kyoto today. Sennyu-Ji is the Japanese imperial temple. It was founded in 1226.

Offical Web site: Sennyu-Ji (Japanese only)

There are three wooden seated statue of Shaka Nyorai as carved by Unkei. Unkei is famous a sculptor of Buddhist images in Japan. There were regrettable that the hands have been added to future generations.

Also here, the beautiful Yokihi Kannon statue is also very famous. Yokihi was a Chinese emperor’s wife and was known as a most beautiful woman.

Offical Web site: Sokujyoin (Japanese only)

Of course, the Great Buddha and 25 Buddha statues of Sokujyoin were superb. I saw just like Buddha’s orchestra, and feel the Buddhist temple will be music hall!

There is “Daikoku-ramen” shops loved by local people in front of Keihan Tofukuji-station.
It is low price of a cup of JPY500! It is very tasty, so stop by all means please!!!
So, the head shop is in near the Fushimi-Momoyama station.